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Out of the box - Place-making in Wanchai Pier
Josely Lam, Winnie Tam, Jasmine Yue @ Hong Kong Public Space Initiative
Date: 21st and 22nd June 2014
Time: 12-6pm
Venue: Wanchai Ferry Pier (East Wing)
Hub: Wan Chai

HKPSI will introduce an interactive installation for you to use your imagination to transform! The  installation will respond to Wanchai Pier for people to reflect and engage through CHARACTER + SPACE + PEOPLE + EVENT.


CHARACTER: the major characteristic of Wanchai is a combination of old and new. We extract elements out of the context to give a unique and special identity to the installation, hence creating the modules

SPACE: modules are multiplied and placed intentionally or randomly to formulate spaces. Certain parts are fixed modules to act as exhibition areas while loose modules allow users to move them freely to create their own spaces.

PEOPLE: the involvement of users in using or modifying our installation to formulate space for enjoyment and accommodation is highly encouraged.

EVENT: self-initiated events are held in or with the installation to aid and facilitate people’s understanding of Wanchai Ferry Pier as a public space.