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Very Hong Kong is the city's first independent andcommunity-led programme, dedicated to presenting an innovativemix of arts, design, culture and recreational events throughout the city by supporting the best of Hong Kong and its diverse andcreative culture, and redefining the forgotten spaces of the city through the use of public and donated spaces for events which are free of charge and open to all.

Very Hong Kong hopes to draw attention to the city's rich heritage, its present cultural and urban transformation, and its vibrant future, through a range of public events, installations and happenings from art, film, fashion and music, to design, architecture, food and much more.

We are committed to supporting the public and the city's many community and non-government organizations by providing a platform for participation and celebration of Hong Kong's public spaces as part of a programme of events, presented by the community, for the community.


The perennial programme is a means of delivering a wider vision, not only reclaiming and activating public space for free use by the community but also building social capital and encouraging social innovation with a view to integrating communities and widening horizons and demonstrating that upward and/or lateral mobility is not "impossible" but something worth working towards.

Very Hong Kong aims to encourage community engagement, redefine public spaces through delivering innovative and creative events, and provide a platform to develop emerging talents in Hong Kong.


Very Hong Kong is an independent, not-for-profit Foundation, formed by a group of like-minded individuals with experience in promoting the arts, culture, heritage, design and architecture in the public realm through public participation.

Office bearers of Very Hong Kong Foundation:
Mrs Margaret Brooke
Mr Christopher Law JP
Mr Patrick Bruce

Board members of Very Hong Kong Foundation:
Mr Michael Lai JP
Mr Robert Ho
Mr Markus Shaw
Mr Sam Farrands