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HONG KONG kaleidoscope
HK InstaYay
Date: 7-15 Dec 2013
Venue: Dominion Garden, Wing Lok Lane, Wan Chai
Hub: Wan Chai

HONG KONG kaleidoscope is a two section photo exhibition by HK InstaYay members featuring snapshots of all things Hong Kong taken by an eclectic group with very diverse backgrounds, ages, nationalities and professions - showing the many facets of Hong Kong. A special section by Pete Lang shows the parts of Hong Kong that will soon be gone forever. Each picture is accompanied by a compelling, in-depth caption.

HK InstaYay is a group for anyone in Hong Kong who loves taking photos and posting them on Instagram. We organise regular photo walks exploring various parts of Hong Kong, including some that are uncommon. Through these photo walks, we hope to foster friendships and appreciation across people from diverse backgrounds, which in turn might deepen our love and understanding of our city, Hong Kong.