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Blind Portrait Sketching Workshop
Time: 12-6pm
Venue: Wanchai Ferry Pier (East Wing)
Hub: Wan Chai

Activity 1: <Blind Portrait Sketching Workshop>

We will invite two visitors to sit face to face, eye to eye, but not look at the paper, and within 3 minutes, draw the appearance of the opposite. For your pen can’t leave off nor position on paper, the works will mostly be distorted but funny human images. It will allow participants to view the opposite in a special way and can exchange the completed work for memory. 


Activity 2: <Balloon seal + Postcard>

We will invite two visitors to sit face to face, and within 10 minutes, draw the appearance of the opposite on fulfilled balloons, and release the air of balloons, then the balloons become seals, and imprint the human image onto postcard, sign and jot down some notes of thinking, put on post stamp, and then we will help to post the persons as participants ask.


Activity 3: <Little Community Paint Show>

Share of community paints, let visitors understand the characteristics of the body.


Activity 4: <Sketching Workshop>

In our member’s instructions, participants can experience the fun of sketching and share their thinking after completion.